• We offer all-year sports and experience activities in the Sport area Klíny. We are ready to meet the needs of individuals, groups and firms. Our offer of sports activities and experiences is very wide, as well as the team of experienced instructors or partners that helps you to acquire the activities carefully and quickly and to use your time as much as possible. So do not hesitate too long and go in for sports with us!

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Year-round activities:
  • zipline - the longest zipline in the Czech Republic - a unique zipline in the Czech Republic - a 2.2 km long light adrenaline ride on a steel rope across the Šumenské valley at an altitude of up to 150 m above the ground, at a speed of up to 75 kmph.
  • Nordic walking
  • teambuilding
  • climbing on an artificial wall
  • quad biking in offroads
  • tournaments, trainings, workshops

Summer activities:
  • bobsleigh track
  • bike park / single trek and enduro trails
  • off-road scooters
  • rope park
  • cycling
  • Extreme golf and mini golf

Winter activities:
  • Snowmobile or scooter ride
  • snowshoeing
  • Ski and snowboard lessons, including Freestyle
  • cross-country skiing


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